Global Entry Card For Film Crews

Usually film crews have tight schedules and they need to travel one country to another country because of film shooting. A film crew should know the value of time so that he/she can utilize it properly. More time means more work. Having a lot time not only helps to do some extra work, but it also helps on planning the schedule.

But when visiting another country, standing in a line sometimes takes so much time. Sometimes it may seem that it takes more time than flying because waiting for processing is so much annoying. There is a line everywhere, at check-in, custom and immigration, and security. Especially a traveler who is going to visit USA should know better how annoying a long line is.

Especially in case of film crews, they suffer tremendously from this as most of the time they have tight schedules and sometimes they don’t even take rest, as a result increasing tiredness which is not good for film shooting.


How this works?

Program holders proceed to Global entry Kiosks and then they need to show their passport or US permanent resident card which can be read by the machine. Once program holder has completed these processes and fingerprint verification, the kiosk issues the transaction receipt and allows them to claim their baggage and exit. The whole process takes very short time. Film crews can take the advantage of this specially designed program and can save time.