Global Metal

2008 Documentary film Global Metal is an exploration of this phenomenon. Director Scott Macfadyen has chosen the fascinating subject of Heavy Metal music and how it impacts culturally across the world. As a title nothing could be more accurate than Global Metal as the film focuses on the unique journey of the music and the passion it has and continues to ignite in both older and younger artists, musicians and fans.

Traveling to 7 separate countries- including Brazil, Japan, India, China< Indonesia, Israel and the UAE- and 9 cities the documentary is a fascinating case study of the infectious joy of music in general and Metal in particular. Through the use of interviews, concert and studio performances and random fan encounters Global Metal truly brings home the strength and vibrancy that music can bring to all cultures everywhere no matter how diverse they may at first seem or how radically different the atmosphere of the societies may be.

Global Metal examines and explores the journey that the music, and the musicians and bands that play it, has taken as it’s reached across cultures, languages and formed common bonds of headbanging humanity combined with bonds of devotion for their progressive musical form. We may tend to overlook the tremendous impact music has on our social scenes but Global Metal shines the light on this idea with laser clarity and, of course, mad VOLUME.